Based in Fairfax, California, theBookDesigners are amazing designers specializing in book covers and interiors. They needed a site to showcase their work and proffer their services.

They wanted a fluid experience to peruse their work and this was a challenge. To speed up the gallery, I…

  • used the charlie add-on to load entries with ajax
  • delayed loading of the images by loading them with jquery waypoints when viewable in the viewport
  • saved the dimensions of the images in the entries so isotope didn’t have to wait for the images to load before firing

For the animations I used the nifty wow.js and jackilyn’s animate for the SCSS.

Two shout-outs are necessary: Curtis Blackwell for supporting his plugin charlie and Fred LeBlanc for helping me troubleshoot an issue with caching.

theBookDesigners site screenshot
theBookDesigners site screenshot
theBookDesigners site screenshot
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