Jason Orton is a landscape photographer who shoots with film (and film alone).

We had met through a studio mate who designed his most recent book. When we spoke, Jason was without an online portfolio and I was looking to try Statamic on a live project so it was a good fit.

A deliberately pared-back design allows Jason’s work to be the focus. Broadly, I aimed for it to be fast, functional and beautiful and used standard responsive techniques to achieve the layout. Statamic was a great choice as although the client was unfamiliar with CMS backends, a quick tour of the control panel was more than enough.


Elixir made for a nimble photo-heavy site

Filemanager made it easier for the client to use images already uploaded.

Sitemap does what it says on the tin nicely.

The Statamic team and general community were really helpful as I found my way around. Specifically, Tyler van der Hoeven was very generous with his time & expertise.

Jason Orton site screenshot
Jason Orton site screenshot
Jason Orton site screenshot
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