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Sites of the Month - July 2014

Sites of the Month - July 2014

Thanks to everyone who voted. Here are your Sites of the Month for July 2014.

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by Jack McDade of Statamic

Ah, -- the sexy homepage makes a great first impression! And then, as the relationship deepens, you spend hours swooning in the thoughtful documentation.

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by Philip Meissner of Creative Loupe

This site pushes a lot of pixels but still feels nimble with HTML caching turned on and AJAX page loading in the gallery.

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McDade Vacation

by Jack McDade of Statamic

Wonderful photography, well-written copy, and nice details (weather & flag icons) make this site The Gold Standard for vacation blogs.

Thank you for all who participated in last months voting. Be sure to vote for the August Sites of the Month when voting opens on the 1st.

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