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Need More Input

Need More Input

There are so many amazing Statamic sites in the wild. Let’s create a repository of those sites and the builders who created them.

Hey, how about a FAQ?

What’s with the thumbnail:?
This image appears in the site listing and as the main image of your project’s page. We are NOT looking for an image of your ENTIRE site, but a nicely-cropped graphic that best represents your site. Check out for examples.

Sample Layout

What are images:?
These are supporting images for your site. Like the thumbnail:, we don’t want your site’s ENTIRE layout but a snapshot that best represents your site — the details that make your site unique. Besides, the goal is to get users to visit your site and experience it in all it’s glory.
I can’t be bothered to write a description. Is that OK?
We really want this to be a great resource for Statamic users. So please write up at least a few sentences about the site.
Do you accept all sites?
Yes and no, this isn’t a CSS gallery where the sites need to be pixel perfect. So almost all submissions will be published. There are some guidelines on our about page. Eventually we will have "Editor’s Picks" or something similar to help curate the collection. We will also have community "likes" to help the créme rise to the top.
When does this thing go live?
Although most of the site is complete, there are some sections that need some love. Also, we would like to have at least 50 sites before we launch. Follow @BuiltWStatamic on twitter, and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date.

Any questions? Post them below.

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