Our mission, purpose & requirements.

Our mission:

Promote Statamic a powerful flat-file CMS
Connect Builders to Statamic-based work

Statamic is a pretty special content management system. The Built With Statamic gallery will highlight this fact by…

showing off Statamic’s capabilities.

Statamic is not just for the flat-file geek who loves Markdown. This CMS is a flexible, powerful, client-friendly CMS capable of powering all sorts of websites.

highlighting the skilled developers who specialize in building Statamic sites.

It gives clients confidence in their choice of CMS when they see a group of talented people supporting it.

instructing best practices.

Has someone already solved an issue you’re grappling with? Has anyone built a real estate site— what plugins did they use? Let’s learn from each other.

So let’s get this puppy off the ground! Start submitting your Statamic projects.

After launch, new projects will be published every Friday. If you have any questions, head over to the blog and post a question.

Submit a site

DO submit sites…

  • with original themes

    No purchased themes, or starter themes slightly "tweaked." Show us something custom.

  • with interesting descriptions

    Please take some time to describe your site's content and build process.

  • built with Statamic

    Duh. The site you submit should be running completely (or almost completely) on Statamic.

DON'T submit sites…

  • built by others

    The site must be built by you or your team.

  • featuring NSFW content

    We reserve the right to exclude sites that include NSFW content such as pornography.

  • partially built on Statamic

    Example: if only the 'blog' of a site is running on Statamic, please don't submit it.